Why You Need A Lawyer's Help In Formulating A Social Media Policy As An Employer

As millions of people turn to Facebook each day for socialization, reading the news, and posting funny pictures, employers are naturally concerned about how employee social media use reflects back on their company. The news is full of stories involving employees who were fired or at least put on probation for inflammatory or offensive material, but these firings are not always judged as legal or fair. Find out what makes it tricky to craft an employer social media policy so you can tread through this minefield carefully.

2 Tips to Keep in Mind Before Returning to Work After a Workers Comp Claim

If you suffered an injury at work, you may be eager to go back to work and get back to your "real life." However, it is very important to make sure you don't return to work until you have fully recovered from your injury. Not only can returning to work before you are ready put your health in jeopardy now, but it can affect your ability to seek any additional worker's compensation benefits you deserve later.

Holding Your Landlord Responsible For Mold

Landlords must ensure the homes they rent are habitable, and that includes taking care of environmental issues that can have a harmful impact on the occupants' health. One issue that has gained prominence over the years is mold, with some tenants winning millions of dollars in personal injury awards due to landlords failing to take care of mold when notified about the problem. If mold has developed in your rental, here's what you need to know about holding your landlord liable for the injuries you sustain as a result.

How Can You Fight Against Prejudicial Statistics When Settling A Personal Injury Claim?

While there are often news headlines touting multi-million dollar personal injury jury verdicts—sometimes even making the national news circuit if the injury was highly sympathetic or the verdict controversial—the reality of personal injury law is that the vast majority of claims quietly settle prior to trial. Negotiating a settlement prior to trial can provide a number of advantages to both parties by saving time and expense, by avoiding the uncertainty that comes when leaving a verdict in the hands of a judge or jury, and by reducing the emotional upheaval created by a stressful trial.

Negligent Entrustment: What It Means And How It Can Be Proven In A Car Accident Injury Lawsuit

If you were involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault, it is important to know the driver of the other vehicle may not have been the only one negligent. In fact, there may be legally negligent individuals who weren't even present during the accident; regardless of their location, these individuals may still owe you compensation for losses suffered. This type of legal negligence is known as negligent entrustment, and according to civil law, negligent entrustment places these individuals in the same liability position as the negligent driver of a vehicle.